Caprice Bridal Boutique Inc


Custom Couture Gowns

Our custom couture gowns are designed and made for brides who have a very distinct vision and would like to have a one of a kind gown for their special day. For some brides finding the perfect wedding gown becomes a never-ending search, since they find parts of the style and design they like on several gowns, but not all in one! We are here to capture your imagination and bring it to life by combining all your style preferences.

Should a bride choose this option, she will have a consulting appointment with our designer and fashion stylist Maro. Custom gown samples, fabrics and laces are available to see the quality of our work.

Custom Gown appointments:

There is no fee for appointments and no obligation to choose this service.

We start by sketching the design and making notes. The next step is choosing the fabrics, laces and trims. Then we take accurate measurements. Note that there will not be an alteration fee since the gown will be made to measure.

At this point the bride will be given an estimate of the cost of the finished gown. Some brides might consider minor design changes on fabric choices to bring the cost down, which we always work with to provide the best result.

At the first fitting appointment, a muslin or lining structure is usually tried on to determine the sizing and fit. At the second fitting, the bride tries on the hand-stitched gown to provide a chance for proper adjustments. More fitting appointments will be given if needed at no extra cost, until the gown is perfectly finished to our brides satisfaction.

We take pride in making unique gowns by providing Custom Couture. It has always been a pleasure to work with brides creating custom gowns. As a designer I am excited by all the ideas brought to me by fashion savvy brides. I’m looking forward to meeting new brides who will share their vision with me.

M.G. Lucas